Our Gurantee


We offer a lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship of all our products. What we do not
warrant is failure from misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, or loss of accuracy.


Accuracy Guarantee: Simply put, our rifles will print a ¾ MOA, 3 shot group at 100 yards, with selected premium factory ammunition or handloads


While wonderfully light and strong, all titanium grades are not created equal. Some folks will tell you that Titanium receivers have a limited lifespan. While this is may be true of receivers made from Ti-6Al- 4V (Ti 6-4), it is completely false when referring to the Zenith. The Zenith is machined from Ti-6-2-4-6 bar, a very high strength, triple vacuum arc re-melted (triple VAR) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated Beta phase alloy. Unlike Ti 6-4 which is an alpha and beta phase alloy, and exhibits HCP and BCC crystalline structures, Ti 6-2-4-6 being beta phase is BCC only. While Ti 6-2-4-6 enjoys a flat S-N curve at high cycles and retains a high mean stress, Ti 6-4’s curve keeps descending, offering a lower mean stress over time. What does all this technical jargon mean? Ti 6-4 is more sensitive to high cycle fatigue (HCF) and crack initiation than Ti 6-2-4-6. I know which one I’m putting my face behind, and our name on.

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