3” Internal Mag Length

Standard Bolt Face
Titanium Receiver

Right Hand

Engineered for Your hunt of a Lifetime

Balance and stability are the central problems for ultra-light rifles. To reach minimum weight, conventional rifles remove too much barrel contour, resulting in rifles that are rear heavy, and don’t point well. Likewise, stock shape is generally very slim and rounded to ease manufacture, exacerbating poor balance, making them unsteady in the field. The Zenith was designed to address these problems.

Using modern materials, Engineering and Finite Element Analysis, the Zenith action has been designed for hunting, and provides rigidity, accuracy, and best in class features that benefit hunters while remaining ultra light at 17 ounces. The Zenith uses a Titanium 6246 alloy, which exhibits very high strength and excellent fatigue characteristics for a lifetime of use. Combined with a hard, yet tough, salt bath nitride Alloy 4330V bolt, galling is a non-issue. As the heart of the rifle, the Zenith is made from premium materials, cuts no  corners in design, and is the rock solid foundation for our rifles.

The Zenith is epoxy bedded into a hand-laid, horizontally-split, wet compression molded composite stock. The result is a very lightweight continuous composite shell with high rigidity and integrity which requires no machining or inletting. In other words, these stocks have strength far beyond their weight. Using a Combination of Carbon and Glass fibers, they have rigidity where necessary, and the ability to soak up more recoil than a pure carbon fiber stock ever could. Utilizing modern stock geometry, nothing in its weight class is as stable or tracks as well as the Zenith.

These components are mated with our own medium weight barrel contours in both Stainless or Carbon sleeved options (no pencil barrels here). This provides a package with a balance point much further forward than any ultralight hunting rifle on the market today. The result is an ultralight weight mountain rifle that has the balance and stability of a far heavier package.

With excellent ergonomics and a feature set specifically designed for mountain hunting, the Zenith will become your go-to rifle. The Zenith is designed to disappear on your pack, and help you confidently make your shot of a lifetime.

Rifle – 4.5 to 5.2lbs

∙ Lightest weight bolt action production rifle available with Carbon Barrel

∙ Weight forward balance for stability and confident long range shooting

∙ Excellent ergonomics means a rifle that settles easily, tracks well, and lends itself to precision
Reciever - Titanium 6246
∙ Integral recoil lug with blind #12-28 mounting holes

∙ Integral optic dovetails ensure all mounting screws remain accessible.

∙ Flush mounted bolt release

∙ Helical cams for battery/extraction provide for a very smooth bolt cycle

∙ Radiused raceways allow closer tolerances for less bolt wobble and smooth operation

∙ 3.0” magazine length for long bullets and flexible seating depths

∙ Hard anodized billet aluminum double stack blind magazine and follower

∙ 1” and 30mm scope rings come in a single, optimized height. This allows any 44mm and some 50mm objective scopes to fit, providing excellent cheek weld.
Bolt - Nitrided 4330V
∙ True Controlled Round Feed with full length stainless extractor

∙ Dovetailed extractor retention means the extractor will never jump the cartridge rim

∙ Single loading capable

∙ Roller cocking provides effortless cock on open performance

∙ HD Striker Spring delivers 106 in*oz energy, and a lock time of 1.9ms

∙ Smooth, positive 3 position safety which physically blocks the striker assembly

∙ Flanged Bolt shroud and vented bolt and receiver for gas management in the unlikely event of a Case Head Separation

∙ Field Strippable
Barrel – 416 Stainless w/ optional carbon sleeve
∙ Coned Breech for slick feeding

∙ Flanged Medium Contour for reducing barrel whip and increased rigidity

∙ Muzzle Thread of ½-28 (carbon) or 9/16-28 (Stainless)

∙ Recessed Target Crown

∙ Directional, timed muzzle break controls muzzle rise and reduces recoil and dust-ups

∙ Comes with threaded muzzle cap and T-60 torx drive as standard
Stock – Carbon /Glass Hybrid
∙ Proprietary Multi-layer carbon/glass fiber shell with engineered fiber orientation

∙ High, negative comb provides excellent recoil management and sight picture

∙ Ambidextrous palm swell and thumb shelves ensure consistency in addressing the rifle

∙ Flat bottomed fore-end and buttstock provide excellent stability and tracking

∙ Integral I beam from fore-end through grip

∙ Molded-in aluminum pillars and sling swivel backers

∙ Non-rotating 2 screw sling bases

∙ Spartan bipod flush mount optional

∙ Epoxy bedding

∙ 15mm ultra light, textured, ground to fit recoil pad
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Your Zenith comes complete with ¾ MOA, 100 yard proof target


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