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EP 520: The Mountain Rifle Perfected with Alpine Riflecraft

“On this show, Adam is joined by Mike Drury, the founder of Alpine Riflecraft. Mike’s vision for what a truly dedicated mountain rifle can be, how it should shoot, how it should handle, and how it should carry, has finally come to life in the newly released Zenith rifle.

Mike left no stone unturned when it came to rethinking the design, engineering, durability, and field worthiness of mountain hunting rifles and the Zenith is a product of his commitment and dedication to producing a top notch product right here in Canada.”

Talk is Sheep: Building the Ultimate Mountain Rifle with Mike Drury, Alpine Riflecraft

“We welcome Mike Drury to Talk is Sheep to discuss the evolution of Canada’s newest hunting rifle, the Zenith. Mike is the owner and founder of Alpine Riflecraft, a company focusing on new lightweight rifles for the discerning mountain hunter. While meeting with Mike we discuss the evolution of the Zenith and his feelings of what is needed for the ultimate mountain hunting rifle.”

Spike Camp Podcast: #22 – Camp Chat: Mike Drury and Alpine Riflecraft

“We are pleased to have the owner of ⁠Alpine Riflecraft⁠, Mike Drury on the show for a conversation on ultralight hunting rifles and the first video hands-on demo of his Alpine Riflecraft Zenith rifle. This is a Canadian-made ultralight bolt action rifle that is garnering attention in the hunting industry.”


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