The Zenith 30STR action is a clean sheet design, engineered by Alpine Riflecraft using the 308
Winchester dimensions with a 3” long internal magazine. It shares functionality and features of the
Mauser 98 and Winchester Model 70. It accepts the Trigger Tech Kimber 84M trigger. It has the optic
rail size of the Tikka T3(x) series. It does not share footprints, stock designs, barrel shanks, magazines,
bottom metal or anything else with other existing products.

No. We only sell complete rifles. The stock design and barrel contour options available offer the
ultimate in stiffness, accuracy potential, and balance for an ultralight rifle.

Our Scope ring height is engineered to work with the rifle design as a whole. The rings, in 1” or 30mm
are exactly 1.625” from centerline above the bore. At this height, they offer excellent check weld, good
bolt handle clearance with barrel clearance for all 44mm objectives, and some 50mm objectives
depending on scope tube length and scope position. We do not believe scopes larger than this offer any
additional utility on an ultralight rifle. YMMV…

We zero all rifles at 200 yards. While not as easy to re-check as a 100 yard zero, it does offer a few advantages:

  1.  In a hunting situation you don’t have to think about holdover inside your maximum point blank range (MPBR is where the bullet’s path does not deviate more than 3” above or below your reticle center). This distance is generally 250+ Yards for standard short action calibers.
  2. With single turn elevation dial scopes such as the Leupold VX-3HD CDS-ZL and Swarovski Z5 3.5-18 BT, you will gain dialing distance, to the tune of approx 50+ Yards.

This package was designed to provide you with a straightforward system to put you on target in the least amount of time during a hunt. We start by confirming your rifles zero at 200 yards while verifying muzzle velocity using radar. Using real-time atmospheric conditions, we shoot your rifle at 3 different distances (330, 425, and 550 yards) to ensure this real world drop data matches the expected ballistic performance.  In the event we find a measurable difference (Measurable means greater than the click value of the Optic being used) in expectation vs reality, we adjust G7 BC to accommodate and shoot again to verify.  We then install a custom yardage based turret on your scope that matches your rifle and ammunition’s ballistic profile at your chosen hunt elevation and temperature.  Once in the field, all you need is a correct shoot-to distance (distance corrected for angle), dial your scope to the same, and let fly.

 This is entirely dependent on backlog and component availability – give us a call to discuss your build, and we can provide an estimated delivery date.

Yes. Canceling in process orders will result in a 20% restocking fee.

We do not accept returns on custom order firearms.


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